Agartala Traffic police introduce E-challan Machine for imposing penalty

In Agartala Now, a pillion rider also needs to wear a helmet to reduces accident cases, E-challan will be issued replacing manual challan

Agartala, 5 August: Agartala Traffic police introduce a new device operational that is an E-challan machine. Through E-challan it will replace manual challan and will be functional with effect from today. It will reduce the time and would encourage cashless transactions or on spot fines, and deferred payment and confusion among the police and public can be eliminated. It is issued by the Ministry of road transport and highway department in the pretext to a slogan One Nation, One challan. Now, E-Machine is operational in Agartala from today, and it is distributed among fellow traffic officers. With this machine, they can issue E-challan whoever in on byroad. And whoever fails to make the payment, the remittance will be deferred. And when you make that deferred challan payment, it will automatically update the document and it can be renewed online.

In addition, Agartala Traffic Police also issued a body on camera or chest camera for the traffic officials for smooth functions with the public to record the evidence whenever there will be problems to deal with the citizens riders. And these cameras also will be issued to other traffic officers.

Furthermore, now a pillion rider also needs to wear a helmet. In a few days, they will also start taking fines for pillion rider whoever did not wear a helmet in Agartala. It will reduce cases of road accidents. It has been also published in the newspapers. Both rider and Pillion fellow now needs to wear a helmet for safety. 

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