An IITan student design a mobile app to detect fake news

The app will be available after two months.

Dharwad, 09 October:  A student from IIT Dharwad design a mobile app which can detect fake news. 


The news about the innovative idea about this mobile app which will detect the fake news is shared by the Union Minister of Education Ramesh pokriyal Nishank through microblogging site on Twitter. 


Students from @iitdhrwd have designed a mobile app which will help detect #FakeNews. The app will be launched in 2 months and will help curtain the spread of disinformation.

A wonderful innovation!

-Ramesh Pokriyal Nishank ( 09 October 2020)    

He also stated that the app will help to curtain the disinformation. 


The app will also able to verify others audio and video news later on upgraded version.


The app will be available in play store and Apple app store, once the app is launched. 


Speaking to ABP news, Aman said "This app will not only help in identifying fake news but will also bring out the truth to the reader".


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