PM Narendra Modi net worth increased than last year, Amit Shah net worth falls: PMO

The Movable assets of PM Modi declared are worth over rupees 1.75 Crore

New Delhi, 15 October: In the recent, asset declarations submitted to the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) has revealed that PM Narendra Modi's net worth had increased by 36,00,000 rupees in 2020 as compared to the last year 2019. However, the Home Minister's Amit Shah net worth has dipped in comparison to last year.


According to PM Modi's latest asset declaration, his net worth was Rs 2.85 crore as of June 30, 2020, while it was Rs 2.49 crore last year.

The assets of PM Modi have increased marginally due to bank deposits of around Rs 3.3 lakh and returns on safe investments worth Rs 33 lakh during 2019.

According to the declaration by PMO revealed that PM Modi had only Rs 31,450 as cash in hand and a bank balance of Rs 3,38,173 and had Bank Fixed Deposit and MOD balance of Rs 1,60,28,939 at SBI Gandhinagar NSC branch up to 30 June 2020.


PM Narendra Modi also has National Savings Certificates (NSC) worth Rs 8,43,124, a life insurance policies worth rupees 1,50,957, and tax-saving infra bonds worth rupees 20,000.


The Movable assets of PM Modi declared are worth over rupees 1.75 Crore.

Till now, The Prime Minister has not any loan and has no personal vehicle against his name. But he possesses four gold rings, weighing approximately 45 grams and is valued at Rupees 1.5 Lakhs.


On the other hand, the net worth of Union Home Minister Amit Shah has dipped as compared to the last year. As per the declarations, Shah has declared his net worth as Rs 28.63 crore as of June 2020, while it was Rs 32.3 crore in 2019.


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