Gang Rape: The virtual protest for the minor victim a 17 years old Tripuri girl

The virtual protest is trending on social media for the 17 years old Minor girl victim

Tripura, 30 July: The virtual protest for the minor victim a 17 years old Tripuri girl, is increasing all over the state and the country as well, Who has been gang-raped mercilessly by 5 men one after another in the road of Teliamura Tripura a small state of northeast India. Just before one week of the inhuman act i.e. gang-raped dated 21 July 2020, she has got several missed calls on her number at her in presence, she decided to call back on that unknown number after few minutes of conversation the unknown caller identified as Rupesh Sarkar.

Thereafter he convinced her for a meet up in a local park on 21st of July 2020 the time was around 3:30 PM she arrived at the park and decided to leave by 30 minutes however he didn’t fail to keep support her there for an evening around 5:30 pm as the sun is setting down they decided to get back home where no vehicle was there to off her home back, Subsequently two-car arrived on the spot by carrying two men in the first car and three in another private car, she resisted to get into it but Rupesh convinced her and assured her safe. They seemed to be genuine before they transform their way towards Teliamura Bazar road.

She screamed as she felt inappropriate but as the car glasses were turned up nobody heard her fearful voice they abandoned nearby a school towards (ompi road) as she tried to escape from the spot one of those 5 men punched in her abdomen and brutally raped her one by one, they left her in front of the My Ganga UBI ATM after they saw Rupesh arriving along with his friend on the spot, as she managed to entitle her for help. The rapists ran away from the spot Rupesh's friend lowered him along with the victim nearby Teliamura Bazar bridge as he tried shutting the matter silently by sending her home back the locals saw and they informed to the local Teliamura police station.

After endless questionings by police persons, she seems to be weak and tired & stated she was raped after Rupesh filled FIR suggested by police. But she left traumatized for her rest of the life and that is what happened & and happening to date.

As of today, four out of six are promptly arrested including Rupesh as suspected by local police.


Now the rapidly rising questions by the social protesters.

-How long for her justice.

-Is this case even going to being an end?

-Rapists to be hanged up

-No secure of women's foreseeable future

-Where is the govt?

As per NCRB’s (National Crime Records Bureau) criminal record of 2018-33,356 rape cases has been filled and many are silently concluded and could not be registered in criminal records. Why there are no severe actions for therapists around the country, why bail is clearly given to them, and roaming fearlessly afterward.

The convicted rapists of the 17 years old Tripuri girl are namely, Gani Miah, Kachem Miah, Javed Miah, Jahed Miah & Ahamedali.

As these are getting viral over the social media platform i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. some of the national media is covering the case 1 out of every 10 Indians is aware of the brutal act now. Desperately seeking criminal Justice for the hapless minor girl(victim) hails from Tripura. Is trending now in all over the critical state by the desperate hope of merely delivering #justice to her.

The only you can spread and deliver these messages to the world your small effort will head her towards justice make a little effort to share this incident across your circle.


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